TODO #1 – my own damn domain

TODO for next time (update: here it is) : Make show this blog. I own the domain, I’ve registered it at a long time ago – but it appears you can’t add any sort of redirect etc. except editing the DNS settings, and it’s probably quite useless to have point to WordPress’s server(s). After getting lost for many a year in KIS, the ever-so-confusing admin interface from hosteurope, I ordered the smallest “Web Pack”, which hopefully then lets me add redirects…you also get classic shared managed hosting – maybe I’ll also play around with that. Should be strange after years of administrating proper servers from scratch…

puts “hello world”

Title says it all, really…

If any old junk novel is allowed to start with a quote from Shakespeare, wouldn’t it be fair that actually good novels would be required to start with a paragraph from Tom Clancy describing an attack helicopter?

— Jay Pinkterton, probably, can’t really remember and his site has been down for yonks

By the way, Jay Pinkerton was one of the funniest internet writers I’ve ever read. Whatever happened to him? Here’s an link to his defunkt site: